What is it?

360º Google Virtual Tours bring the capabilities of Google StreetView inside your business. A Tour allows customers to step inside your business from anywhere in the world! Tours are embedded on Google search results, Google Maps, Facebook and your website.

Prospective customers that view a 360° Google virtual tour are twice as likely to vist your business in person.

89.3% of all internet searches are carried out by Google. More than half of those are on mobile devices.

Your Virtual Tour can be viewed on any smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop computer, regardless of operating system. We live in a digital world and Virtual Tours are the new digital marketing standard.

How It Works

We aim to educate you on this exciting technology and teach you the power of using Owned Media Content to engage with your customers and double your business interest online. Click the steps below to learn more.
  • We perform a detailed walk-through of your business to determine the areas you wish to highlight in your tour. Pricing is determined by the size and layout of your space.
  • Next, We provide a detailed quote that is sensitive to your budget and aligned with your overall marketing objectives. You can also add content to your tour later if the budget isn’t there at the time of your shoot.
  • We set a date that works for you, anytime, day or night, open or close.
  • Our certified Photographer comes and shoots your tour with the highest quality, technique, and skill in the industry.
  • Processing involves stitching all of the photos together to create an immersive 360 Degree virtual walk-through experience of your business.
  • When production is finished, we send you a demo version of your Tour.
  • We then publish your tour to Google Search, Google Maps, and Facebook.
Congratulations! You now have a digital marketing foothold in the form of a Virtual Tour! So, What now? At Xillustrate we believe in building a strong and ongoing relationship with you and your business that continues long after we publish your tour. Our objective is to educate you on how to use your Tour to greatly enhance all of your marketing strategies, here are just a few things you can do right away:
  • Extract wide-angle still images from the perfect vantage point
  • Turn your content into Facebook and Twitter posts, or use them in conjunction with paid media content like Facebook ads.
  • Speak to our Facebook Consultant to optimize your Social Media Pages and use your tour to create digital advertising.
  • Embed “Hotspots” like HTML, video, and E-commerce content to jump out at your customers while they are in the Tour, enhancing their overall experience and creating powerful calls to action that YOU control!
  • Track your Hotspot’s using analytics that we provide you on a semi-annual basis.


Whether you’re a small business or corporate entity, you might have questions. There are many opportunities and user case scenario’s that have come our way and this is where Xillustrate shines. We enjoy networking with thousands of Google Business Photographers and feel fundamentals such as teamwork and synergy result in a better product. Drop us a line, we are always happy to answer!